Redwood Earlines

  • Hosted by Kim

Since 1985, Kim's "Redwood Earlines" has been bringing dynamic storytelling to kids of all ages.  Each show has a theme and introduces the listener to different stories, music and poems.

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A story about a young girl who doesn't have a home - and how the birds help her find one.  Plus, songs and poems about birds.

Having a tough day? Songs and stories about a variety of bad days.

In celebration of Earth Day... stories, songs and poems about our planet.

"I'm glad the sky is painted blue, and the earth is painted green, with such a lot of nice fresh air all sandwiched in between."  - anonymous

Silly songs and stories for April Fools' day and beyond.

Songs, stories and poems about spring -  featuring Frog and Toad: The Corner.

"Some flowers close their petals, blue and red and bright, and go to sleep all tucked away inside themselves at night.

Some flowers leave their petals like windows open wide so they can watch the goings-on of stars and things outside."  Aileen Fisher