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Lorde Co-Writes A New Song: Hear 'Heartlines', By Broods

Broods' new song, "Heartlines,"<em> </em>is out now.
Renata Raksha
Courtesy of the artist
Broods' new song, "Heartlines," is out now.

It's been a while since we've heard from Lorde. Now, a new song the singer co-wrote with her fellow New Zealanders in Broods, has just come out. "Heartlines" is a bubbly, revelatory dance track with references to "jumping state lines" and midnight car rides. The artists not only share a country, but also a producer, Joel Little, who helps shape the sound of both Lorde and Broods.

The lines of dark, danceable bass that help make Lorde's "Royals" such a success resurface in this new track. We may miss Lorde's raspy vocals, but "Heartlines" brings to mind the same urgency that pervaded Pure Heroine. The song is soon to be a summer anthem; it's already an exciting reminder of Lorde's considerable talents.

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