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Brexit Supporters In Northern England Celebrate Historic Vote


In the northern part of England, many voters aren't disappointed at all.

ROBERT BROWN: Absolutely. Absolutely delighted because we're in control of our own destiny, and we think we can do a better job than Europe.

BROWN: Robert Brown is a dentist in the northwestern city of Manchester. He voted to leave the EU. In some areas around that city, more than 60 percent of voters also chose to leave.

BROWN: It's an expression of the democratic process, and we're delighted that we've got a favorable outcome. And we can - basically in control of our own destiny now.


Many people were shocked by the results of the Brexit vote, but Robert Brown was not. He said Britain has always been different.

BROWN: We're fundamentally not Europeans. We're separate from Europeans. We're not multilingual, for instance. We enjoy going to Europe and so on. We like the sunshine and so on, but we're not part of the euro. We have our own independent attitude and feelings towards all things political.

CORNISH: A postman named Andy Irvine also voted to leave the EU.

ANDY IRVINE: We can make our own decisions instead of sending millions of pounds every day to the European Parliament and spent on rubbish rather than hospitals and schools and everything, what needs to be built in Britain. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.