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Through The Eyes of Women: Milkmob President on Breastfeeding

 Breastfeeding should come naturally and easily.  That’s what many new moms think when they first put their newborn to their breast.  

Thanks to improved education and awareness more mothers in the U.S. are breastfeeding their babies right after they’re born. But too often tears of frustration are shed as mother and baby take the first steps toward latching and sucking.  And after a few weeks to a few months, too many women stop for many reasons: frustration, time, and most importantly, lack of support.
Dr. Anne Eglash, family doctor and lactation consultant lives in Wisconsin, home of some great cheese. Twenty six years ago, Anne was fully committed to breastfeeding her daughter.  But when she encountered some problems, she could only find a few resources for guidance. With persistence and some serendipity, she did take one of the only courses on lactation available at the time in Los Angeles.  Those first few months of breastfeeding launched Anne’s dedication and passion to not only promote breastfeeding in the United States but to gain an academic understanding behind the science of breastfeeding.  Twenty six  years later, her daughter is in law school  and Anne has become one of the country’s foremost physician experts on breastfeeding. She cofounded the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, and is the medical director and co-founder of the Mothers’ Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes. For Anne, it’s not just about the amazing health benefits of breastmilk but nurturing of the bond between mother and baby. 
Anne and her husband Mitch Rosefelt have started a wonderful non-profit organization called The Milkmob.  The mission of The Milkmob is to build breastfeeding friendly medical systems and communities.  Go to its website and you will find a wealth of information about any questions you may have about breastfeeding and breast-milk. If you want to know more about alcohol or marijuana use and breastfeeding, supplements during breastfeeding, breast-milk banks, introducing solid food to breastfeeding babies, childhood obesity and breastfeeding, pacifiers and breastfeeding, safe sleep and breastfeeding,  and any other questions you can think of, The Milkmob has answers based on sound scientific research and presented in the most practical, engaging and fun manner.  If you are a medical provider or a community educator, The Milkmob offers training courses to become  “breastfeeding champions.”  Take a few minutes to browse the site.  It’s fun and educational.

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