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VIDEO: 'An Inconvenient Sequel' & 'The Last Season' Filmmaker In Humboldt This Weekend

Top L: Kouy Loch from The Last Season. Top R: filmmaker Sara Dosa. Bottom L: Screenshot, An Inconvenient Sequel, Bottom R: Al Gore

Acclaimed documentarian, director and producer Sara Dosa will host screenings of An Inconvenient Sequel and The Last Season in Arcata this weekend. 

Released ten years after Vice President Al Gore's seminal climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the sequel follows Gore around the globe "to put a human face on those who are affected by the climate crisis," Dosa tells KHSU. "I've got to say, though, that I think this ends on a hopeful note." 

"These exponential technologies that we're seeing with regards to energy are helping to turn the tide. Dirty energy no longer makes economic sense, and a lot of people are starting to get that now," she says. 

Dosa also directed The Last Season,  which "tells a story of two former soldiers-turned-wild-mushroom-hunters, who meet in the middle of the Oregon woods during the matsutake mushroom hunting season."

Via The Last Season trailer:

Elderly Roger Higgins is a Vietnam vet who returned from the war traumatized and alienated. “We couldn’t get a job, so we made our own jobs. I would get out there in the woods and just work.” Kouy Loch is a Cambodian immigrant whose experience as a starving slave laborer under the Khmer Rouge taught him the foraging skills that now afford him a living. The men cemented their relationship years before over the shared pain of their Southeast Asian experience, becoming almost like father and son as they traipsed through the trees together. But Roger is too sick to do much hunting this year, and Kouy must walk the forest on his own.

There's a local connection to The Last Season in NoHum resident and producer John Montague, whose film credits include the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight.

The Last Season screens at the on Saturday (tickets, 7:00 pm) and An Inconvenient Sequel screens on Sunday (tickets,1:00 pm) at the Minor Theater, and will be preceded by Q&A with Sara Dosa.

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