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How the Concept of Race was Created and What Now?

The concept of race as we know it today is a fairly recent invention and has been used to exploit certain groups of people: Blacks, Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Asian Americans. That is the jumping off point in a continuing discussion on race hosted by Humboldt Area Foundation  (HAF) and the Equity Alliance for the North Coast.

Ron White, Leadership Program  Manager at HAF is one of the facilitators in the discussion series which continues on Thursday, June 7th.

This invention of this concept has been extremely powerful, in determining even our immigration policies today...and yet, the fact that it was constructed, means we can de-construct it.

This  month's roundtable focuses on how the  image of Native Americans changed from Thomas Jefferson's view that Native Americans were equal to whites to later demonizing and stereotyping that was used to exploit Native Americans.

White discusses the upcoming roundtable and other opportunities for local people interested in building racial equity in Humboldt County to learn and train.

To sign up for the June 7th roundtable visit, email or call 707-267-9918.

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