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A Plan to Reopen California Schools by March… With Conditions

New State Bill Offers Guidelines on Reopening Schools

State lawmakers are introducing a bill that would give public schools a deadline for reopening campuses. The effort comes amid rising concern about the effects of distance learning on children. Reporter: Vanessa Rancaño, KQED

New App Notifies Californians of Close Contact with Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

California is launching a new smartphone app to let people know when they’ve been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Governor Gavin Newsom says the app is voluntary and anonymous. Reporter Laura Klivans, KQED

Do Broad Lockdowns Work?

A U.S.C. survey shows the percentage of people staying home hasn’t changed much since June, even as public health experts have urged caution in recent weeks. As much of the state returns to lockdowns approaching what California experienced in March, some experts wonder if the approach makes sense.Guest: Dr. Monica Gandhi, Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease, UCSF


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