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Santa Clara County Launches Door-to-Door Coronavirus Testing Program

Santa Clara County is launching a new door-to-door coronavrius testing program in an effort to reach communities hardest hit by the virus. This week, four teams made up of public health care workers and community organizers will spread out across East San Jose equipped with self-administering test kits.

“We would like to test as many as we can,” said Dr. Analilia Garcia,, the racial and health equity senior manager for the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

The program will roll out Tuesday through Fridays for the next few weeks, with teams headed out into neighborhoods between 9 a,m.and 3 p.m. How many households can be tested each day is still unclear.

“Over the next few weeks, as we do this and find our rhythm…we will be able to gauge what it takes to test one, two, three, four, five tests in a household and how long that takes,” Garcia said.

Those tested can expect their results within 48 hours via text or email. For those who have neither or have limited access to the internet, Garcia said,  her team can deliver those results in person.

If a household member tests positive, the team will be able to connect that household with direct support.

“Part of this intervention is to not only provide the testing and ensuring they get the result, but also connecting them with case investigators and contact tracers who can then support families in accessing services,” Garcia said.

East San Jose is the hardest hit area by COVID-19 in the county. In the 95122 zip code, nearly 6% of the total population have contracted the virus, according to the county’s COVID-19 dashboard. The neighborhood has the highest case rate per 100,000 residents in the county.

—Marco Siler-Gonzales

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