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Watch Two Potty-Mouthed Brits Brilliantly Sum Up 2020 in Song-Form

Ask anyone—greeting card creators, holiday decoration companies, your fellow humans—the most succinct way to sum up 2020 and, in all likelihood, you’ll be greeted by some variation on the phrase “raging dumpster fire.” Falling back on those three little words is simply easier than trying to explain everything that actually happened.

Prepare to be astounded then, by “The 2020 Song …”—a catchy little piano ditty performed by British comedy duo, Flo & Joan. In just under two-and-a-half minutes, the English women somehow succeed in capturing the unrelenting turbulence, social and political chaos, environmental destruction, and sheer misery wrought by COVID-19 that has marked this year.

Even more impressive is the fact that all of that chaos is presented by the real-life sisters at an increasingly breakneck speed, thereby accurately reflecting how the second half of this year has flown by in five minutes, while the first half felt about 25 months long.

Somewhat predictably however, accurately and humorously conveying the underlying frustrations of All Of Humanity in such a short amount of time is made possible with the aid of some extremely colorful language and naughty British colloquialisms. You have been warned.

Take it away, potty mouths!


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