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In California, Known Infections After Vaccination Are Very Low So Far

Bay Area health officials are tracking cases of people who have contracted COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated.

So far, nearly 1,400 Californians have been identifed as falling into this category, the state health department says. That equates to just  0.01 percent of fully vaccinated people in California.

Health officials say breakthrough cases are fully expected, because the vaccines don’t protect people 100 percent. 

While the department of public health is not sharing details on how mild or serious these cases were, some Bay Area Counties are.

Sonoma County has 58 cases and said the majority resulted in mild to no symptoms, with no hospitalizations or deaths. 

Contra Costa County has 140 cases, with four people hospitalized. One fully vaccinated person died, but they were already in hospice when they were vaccinated.

—Laura Klivans


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