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Oakland Coliseum Mass Vax Site Set to Shut Down

The mass vaccination site at the Oakland Coliseum is set to close on May 23, with city officials touting it as a huge success.

The site was one of two in California operated in conjunction with the state Office of Emergency Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“I’ve seen a report that nearly 415,000 people have been vaccinated. Well that’s an underestimate,” Henry Gardner, executive director of the Coliseum Authority Board of Commissioners, told reporters Friday. He said it was closer to 500,000.

Gardner said he expects cleanup of the site to take a few days.

Board Chair Nate Miley, an Alameda County supervisor, and Vice Chair Rebecca Kaplan, an Oakland city councilmember, both commended the work done at the Coliseum site, but also noted that the pandemic is not over and more needs to be done to deliver vaccines to underserved communities.

“The work we did to get this site open for vaccinations changed the curve of the progress of the disease in our county and our region,” Kaplan said. She added that the location was able to vaccinate people more quickly than many other locations, and “has made a real difference, and saved lives.”

— Keith Mizuguchi

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