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Ronski and Show Banga’s “That Filthy” Puts Fillmore Culture Font and Center

Welcome to Pass the Aux, where every week we feature new music by Bay Area artists. Check out past entries and submit a song for future coverage here.

An early frontrunner for Bay Area anthem of the summer is Ronski and Show Banga’s “That Filthy.” Produced by Clayton William, the track hits with the simple but lethal combination of heavy bass, a cold kick drum, clear claps and a catchy hook.

“Fuck that bag off, and run it up again,” Show Banga says on the chorus, showing both the carefree attitude and the money-making mentality that the City is known for.

The video is produced by Melvina’s SonÂand features the Fillmore front and center. In the midst of shots of the neighborhood and the people who make up the community, there are cameos from Gunna Goes Global, Big Rich and Danielle Banks. There’s also a couple shots of boxer, cannabis club owner and Ronski’s brother, Karim Mayfield. We also see archival images and recent footage of Mayor London Breed, who was raised in the Fillmore.

Ronski himself is shown swangin’ tight ones in a blue Corvette. And at the end of the video there’s a clip of JT The Bigga Figga chanting “Fillmoe,” as he’s accompanied by a bunch of children; it was filmed in East Africa, or “Fillmoe Africa,” as JT calls it.

You can’t have a true anthem about the Moe without incorporating the the dance that JT, founder of Get Low Recordz, played a major part in popularizing three decades ago, The Get Low.

In the video for “That Filthy” there’s a short clip of Ronski teaching the dance to comedian Lil Duval. And all throughout the video there’s are young folks bending their knees to get into a semi-squat position, and bouncing to the beat like the players of the past.

It’s all a sign that even with all of the changes the City has experienced, the culture is alive and well.

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