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Chlorine shortage prompts water restrictions in Longview, Washington

The city of Longview in Southwest Washington announced Monday that it’s entering Stage 1 of a water shortage emergency, due to a disruption in chlorine production.

The chlorine shortage began earlier this month when the Westlake chemical plant in Longview had a major electrical failure. Now the chemicals used to disinfect drinking water are scarce throughout the Northwest.

Longview has released water use guidelines for its residents. For example, residents can water their yards only on certain days, and at specific hours. Children can cool off with hoses and sprinklers only if the temperature is above 80 degrees. And there’s a whole new set of rules for commercial nurseries.

The complete guidelines are posted on the city of Longview’s Facebook page.

Other West Coast cities have also begun asking residents to limit water usage, including Lake Oswego and Tigard in Oregon.

Westlake is hoping to resume chlorine production before the end of the month.

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Jeff Thompson