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KQED’s Wildfire Resources: Prepare, Protect, Cope

Here’s a list of KQED’s resources, explainers and how-to posts around California wildfires. Bookmark this page, or send it to someone you think will benefit from this information.

(We’ve deliberately kept this page free of images so that it loads faster for you, which may be helpful in a situation where you’re dealing with poor internet/cellphone coverage.)

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Evacuation and Emergency Communications

What to Pack in Your Emergency Bag — With COVID-19 in Mind  (leer en español) Fire Evacuation: What Actually Happens? And How Can You Plan? During a Wildfire, Your Phone Might Stop Working. How Can You Communicate? Animal Evacuation During a Wildfire: How to Plan And Where To Go MAP: See Where Wildfires Are Burning in California (leer en español) Post-Disaster Checklist: Returning Home After Evacuation Order Lifted 

Information About Power Shutoffs

PG&E Shutoffs: What to Know About Power Outages in the Bay Area  Map: Current Power Outages in California

Protecting Yourself From Wildfire Smoke

Map: Here’s Your Current Air Quality Report for the Bay Area How Particulate Respirator Masks Work Is All That Wildfire Smoke Damaging My Lungs? Masks for Smoke and COVID-19 — What Kind Is Best? (leer en español)

Preparing Yourself, Family and Home For Wildfire

How to Prepare for 2021 Fire Season  What to Pack in Your Emergency Bag — With COVID-19 in Mind MAP: Do You Live in a High-Risk Fire Zone? Wildfires Can Attack Your House From the Inside — Here’s How to Prevent It Disaster Planning in Nursing Homes: The Questions to Ask Your Loved One’s Facility

The Emotional Impacts of Wildfire on Survivors and Families

How to Help a Friend Who Lost Their Home in a Fire Parenting Through Disaster: Tips From a Mom Who Did It From Pain to Purpose: 5 Ways to Cope in the Wake of Trauma How to Talk With Kids After a Traumatic Event 

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