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Qing Qi and Traxamillion’s New Track Brings the “Big D” Energy

Welcome to Pass the Aux, where every week we feature new music by Bay Area artists. Check out past entries and submit a song for future coverage here.

Qing Qi, an artist from East Palo Alto who is now based in Oakland, recently dropped the high-energy track “Big D.” The song is a single from producer Traxamillion’s album Sirens, which features guest appearances from an all-woman cast of artists.

The song “Big D” has a combination of high hats, claps and a stupid bass line that all work together to provide an audio canvas for Qing Qi to lyrically paint a picture of the pleasures of aggressive sex, her disregard for high-end fashion and her ability to simply spit bars.

“Say they want real rap, what the fuck you think my lyrics is?/They don’t want real rap, they just hung up on appearances,” Qing Qi raps on the second verse.

The NSFW video for the song, also directed by Qing Qi, is just as live as the track itself. As glittery thongs are shaking and nunchucks are swangin’, Qing Qi sits front and center letting the audience know what “Big D” is all about.

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