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Foxing, 'Draw Down The Moon'

To recap: In advance of the group's forthcoming record Draw Down The Moon, Foxing's already shared a 7 minute track with WHY? and an interactive series of online games called "rituals." And now, in its latest move, the band's released a video for the title track starring Broadway star André De Shields. It might feel over the top if it weren't simply par for the course – the band already released a song in five languages! – for the St. Louis trio. "Draw Down The Moon," much like previous singles "Go Down Together" and "Where The Lightning Strikes Twice," proves once again that the band is far less interested in tradition than transcending whatever genre camp it came from. And lucky us for that: It's downright thrilling to watch this band go big by making bombastic music that isn't afraid to be unabashedly Foxing.

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