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California’s Delta Surge; Native American Comedians; Postpartum Drug Offers Hope and Frustration

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‘It Gives Me Tremendous Anxiety’: California’s Delta Surge Triggers Flashbacks for Many Health Care Workers

Remember that moment just about a month ago when there was a palpable sense everything might be OK? The economy was reopening. People were packing restaurants.  Even exhausted health care workers experienced the first real lull in the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the Delta variant is taking hold in California, particularly in unvaccinated pockets of the state. It now appears to be spreading two to three times faster than the original strain of the virus.  Lesley McClurg reports.

‘We’re Not Stoic’: Book Highlights the History of Native Americans in Comedy

Author Kliph Nesteroff has written about comedy for years. His latest book, We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans & Comedy,  takes a look at a community of Hollywood talent that’s been misunderstood, stereotyped, and often thought not to exist at all.  Peter Gilstrap reports.

There’s Only 1 Drug for Postpartum Depression. Why Does Kaiser Permanente Make It So Hard to Get?

One out of eight new moms in California experiences postpartum depression. Two years ago, the FDA approved the first and only medication designed to treat postpartum depression. It’s called brexanolone and most women who  get it start feeling better within days.  But the drug is outrageously expensive: $34,000. And according to a new KQED investigation, California’s largest insurer makes it extremely difficult to get. KQED’s health correspondent April Dembosky reports. 

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