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State on Pace to Break Last Year’s Record Breaking Fire Season

Some Experts Fear 2021 Fire Season Could Exceed Last Year’s Record

California’s fire season is off to a fast start, outpacing 2020, which was the worst year on record. Wildfires have burned over 480,000 acres in California so far this year. That’s about four times the total during the same time last year.Reporter: Scott Rodd, CapRadio 

Los Angeles Artist Judy Baca Reflects on Famed Mural

One of Los Angeles’ most extraordinary works of public art is in a storm water channel in the San Fernando Valley. Started in the 1970’s and still not complete, it’s a more than half-mile long mural — one of the longest in the world — called the “Great Wall of L.A.” The mural was conceived by artist Judy Baca.Guest: Artist Judy Baca

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