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Watch: Daisy the Daredevil Dog Try to Swim With Bears in Sierra Madre

Remember that 17-year-old who shoved a bear off her garden wall to protect her dogs? Of course you do! Because it was freakin’ bananas. (“I wasn’t really thinking, to be honest,” Hailey Morinico later told Extra, stating the obvious.) Well, this week, another California pup needed protecting from bears—and herself.

Caught on the now-viral video below is the moment that Daisy, an eight-month-old, bell-trained rescue from Sierra Madre, repeatedly requests that her humans let her go outside. Why? To bro down with some bears in the backyard pool. In the clip, Daisy’s owners, newlyweds Tiffany and Kevin Kress, express amusement rather than alarm at the close proximity of the bears. In fact, Kevin’s primary concern is for the safety of an inflatable pool toy. “Please don’t get the unicorn, please don’t get the unicorn,” he pleads through the window.

Throughout it all, Daisy (full name: Daisy Dukes Della Kress) continues hitting her bell to be allowed outside.

Before they were married, Tiffany and Kevin had another one of their backyard bear videos go viral last October. In that one, a cub can be seen pawing at the Kress home’s back doors. Tiffany was un-phased in that clip too, calmly asking “Can I help you?”

No wonder they opted for bell-training instead of a doggy door…

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