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Flashback: Summer 1979

Then student-run KHSU runs it's first summer schedule of the '70s.

That summer, the station operated just 6 hours a day, from 6 p.m to midnight -- a mix of Rock, Classical and Jazz shows through the week with an early electronic music show "Computer Corner" on Sunday night. The station also broadcast Humboldt Crabs games and Arcata City Council meetings.

Artist and deejay Kenn Hunt drew the psychedelic cover art shown here. Hunt created many of KHSU's program covers and posters, defining the look for the station in the late '70s. 

KHSU has been on the air since 1960 and there is a trove of archive materials from the station's 57 year history. We'll share little bit with you every issue.

Summer 1979 program guide page 1

Summer 1979 program guide page 2