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Hidden Brain Coming to KHSU Mondays

KHSU is adding the show Hidden Brain to the Monday evening line-up beginning March 19th. Host Shankar Vedantam  uses science and storytelling to help you understand the world,  current events - and yourself.

Vadantam is familiar to KHSU listeners from his segments on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Hidden Brain has been available as a podcast since 2015. It became a one-hour radio show in fall 2017.

Hidden Brain will replace Harry Shearer’s Le Show at 7 pm on Mondays starting March 19th. 

Le Show is available as a podcast or for direct listening at Harry Shearer's website.

You can also find Le Show episodes at the below links:

To listen to some of our favorite Hidden Brain episodes, try thisthis, and this to start.

Please listen and tell us what you think using our listener comment form or 707-826-6089.