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Goodbye Vinny

Photo: Katie Whiteside
Gregg "Vinny" DeVaney, host of Fogou on KHSU from 1997 to 2017
Credit Photo: Katie Whiteside

Friends and family of Gregg "Vinny" DeVaney were gathered around him as he reached the end of a journey with brain cancer June 26th, 2018.

KHSU aired a special program this Wednesday, June 27th, in the former Fogou time slot, honoring DeVaney and his unique, beloved radio show.

Hosted by Gus Mozart, the program featured archived pieces from Fogou through the last 20 years.

Everyone at KHSU is thankful to have spent time on the planet with Gregg. His friends and colleagues were all touched by his life, his love and his spirit.

He is a generous, beloved soul.  

Vinny Tribute 6-27-18, 2nd hour

Additionally, an archived version is at KHSU's archives page and on the special programming page.