"When you impact nearly the entire span of their life history, all the different habitat needs that they have, over time it's going to take a toll, and that's where we are with coho salmon. We've gone through major epics of timber harvest...most recently its been the water withdrawals and the drought." 

Scott Greacen of Friends of the Eel River and Darren Mierau of California Trout continue their conversation about salmon and steelhead decline in northwestern California. Tune in to learn about the unique genetics of summer steelhead, threats to imperiled coho, and how dam removal on the Eel River could benefit native fish. 

Causes of Salmon and Steelhead Decline in the Eel River

Jun 29, 2017

Learn about the key drivers of salmon and steelhead decline in the Eel River. 

Scott Greacen, Executive Director for Friends of the Eel River and Darren Mierau, North Coast Program Director for California Trout discuss a new report from CalTrout and the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences - State of Salmonids 2: Fish in Hot Water.

Humboldt Steelhead Days wraps up three months of countywide events and angling activities designed to inspire community awareness and promote river restoration and recovery of Humboldt’s winter steelhead populations and their spawning habitat. Mary Burke, from Cal Trout talks about the numerous fun and educational opportunities during Steelhead Days. More information at