Measure K Advocates Dispute 'Sanctuary Law' Costs

Sep 26, 2018
Natalya Estrada


On Wednesday afternoon, a faithful coalition stood near the steps of the Humboldt County Courthouse to support, defend and define what it means to be part of a Sanctuary Initiative for all immigrants. The group of congregation leaders was then joined by Centro del Pueblo and other advocates for Measure K--the official Humboldt County Sanctuary Initiative.

Union Members Picket St. Joseph After Staff Firings

Sep 25, 2018
Natalya Estrada

More than a hundred people attended a picket rally at the front of the main entrance to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka. Previously, the same members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers and the California Nurses Association staged a protest on what they call a "staffing crisis" happening at both Providence hospitals in Humboldt County. Several days after the initial protest this month, 35 staff members were laid off.

Natalya Estrada

Close to 100 people stood at the edge of Harrison Avenue, near St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka on Monday, to protest what’s considered a staffing crisis by the National Union of Healthcare Workers and the California Nurses Association.

North Coast Journal

The North Coast Journal's Kim Wear talks with KHSU about this upcoming local election cycle and how it could impact cities like Eureka and Arcata, as well as smaller regions. Eureka's true ward system has changed the boundaries of many local candidates and voters. Voters can check out which ward they're in at the City of Eureka's website. Additionally, Arcata also has four local candidates running for seats this year as well as incumbents. 

Eureka to Further Review Needle Exchange Program

Aug 7, 2018
North Coast Journal

The Eureka City Council will further discuss the future of a controversial needle exchange program under the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, known also as HACHR. The North Coast Journal’s Thadeous Greenson spoke with KHSU last week about how this program impacts Eureka resdients. They also published an article on what happened at a previous city council meeting where council members discussed the fate of HACHR. 

In this week's North Coast Journal, Thadeous Greenson and Kimberly Wear explore the life and death of Sharral "Sherry" McDonald. She was fatally shot in Eureka in early May 2018 while protecting a friend from domestic violence. 

Saying a "heroin scourge" is "afflicting the region," The New York Times has just published a feature piece on Humboldt County that notes:

"A sharp rise in heroin use has created intense fear among community members and public health officials in Humboldt County, even while California as a whole has one of the lowest overall opioid-related death rates in the country. In Humboldt County, opioid-related overdose rates are five times higher than in the rest of the state."

Heidi Messner Announces Candidacy for Eureka Mayor

May 2, 2018
City of Eureka

This week, Eureka City Councilwomen Heidi Messner publicly announced her bid for Eureka City Mayor. Messner was in Old Town on Tuesday to make the announcement. She emphasized the importance of working together to make Eureka one of the  Premiere cities on the west coast. 

"We know that Eureka has issues, but together we have the intelligence, the creativity, the compassion, the motivation and the resources to address Eureka's problems--problems which I prefer to call challenges," she said. 

Women's March Takes on Year Two

Jan 20, 2018
Mike Dronkers/KHSU

For a second year in a row, the Women's March in Eureka dominated the streets of Old Town this weekend as thousands showed up to the C Street Market Square with signs, pink hats, and resilience. In what was known last year in 2017 as the largest march in Humboldt County, this year's event had similar numbers this year with approximately four to 5,000 people participating. 

Event organizer Rae Robison said this year the march was about bringing women of all walks of life together and supporting them. 

Natalya Estrada

To the public, Lisa Dugan is known as the Director of the North Coast Regional Department of Child Support Services. In private she’s a mother facing the fact that her family was plagued by Humboldt County’s opioid crisis.

Major Changes in Store for Eureka?

Nov 9, 2017
Rob Holmlund

The City of Eureka is embarking on a vast new rethinking of its General Plan and Zoning Code, a major overhaul shepherded by Rob Holmlund, Director of Development Services, and Brian Heaton, Associate Planner. Want neighborhood commercial centers? Or more opportunities for mother-in-law units?  Rob and Brian share their vision of Eureka's future with Tom Wheeler, Executive Director of EPIC.

Natalya Estrada

It started with burning of sage and several supporters gathering around the small Security National building on Eureka's fifth street. The building is owned by Rob Arkley, a local real estate tycoon who wanted to purchase a property known as Indian Island from Eureka instead of the city transferring it to the Wiyot Tribe. Within a few hours the crowd multiplied with nearly 100 protesters lining both sides of the street near the E Street intersection. 

Single Payer Advocates Stage 'Die In' in Eureka

Sep 14, 2017
Natalya Estrada

Nearly half a dozen groups in Humboldt County joined protesters outside of Assembly Member Jim Wood’s Office in Eureka yesterday to demonstrate the severity of putting SB 562 through the California State Assembly. SB 562, also known as the Healthy California Act, would create universal health coverage for every Californian under a single payer system.

How did a section of Eureka earn designation as a 'California Arts Council cultural district'? "You have this concentration of energy and vitality," California Arts Council chair Donn K. Harris tells Wendy Butler.  

ARTWAVES: Glass art

Jul 12, 2017

The next Artwaves is on glass. Artwaves speaks with Eureka glass sculptor John Gibbons about his interest in creating myriad styles of glass art from vases to six-foot sculptures to starfish in motion. His work has been part of exhibits throughout the United States. He currently is a member of Old Town Art Gallery, where his work is featured. 

City of Eureka

Should Eureka have street pianos? What about sidewalk poetry?

"Not only is it a strategic plan, it's also a visual celebration of the arts," says Rob Holmlund with the City of Eureka. From street pianos to Star Wars festivals, Holmlund and Swan Asbury talk to Wendy Butler about Eureka's Strategic Arts Plan 2017 -2022, adopted last month.

Homeless to Home: Betty Chinn Outreach Center

Mar 7, 2017

Betty Chinn and Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir Director, Louis Hoiland, discuss the resources and opportunities for transition out of homelessness provided by the Betty Kwan Chinn Outreach Center.

Via Facebook:

"Precious Aguilar, heard gunfire, saw a child not taking cover. With no regard for her own safety, ran to the child and pulled the kid to safety. She is 14! Her become an EPD officer. I think she'll make it. - Chief Mills"

Food For Thought

On today's Food For Thought, Jennifer Bell joins Tom Wrigley at his Eureka apple orchard to discuss apple varieties and what it takes to grow 70 trees on a 1/2 acre property.

The League of Women Voters of Humboldt County joins the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Humboldt County to present a series of forums on the intersection of mental illness and the criminal justice system. The first forum will take place in Eureka on Wednesday, November 2 at  the United Congregational Christian Church beginning at 7 p.m. Tim Ash and Mary Louise Lowry talk with Danielle Orr on the KHSU Homepage.

Bill Prescott at Prescott Designs

Jeff Raimey and Christy Prescott discuss the development of Cooper Gulch Common Grounds in Eureka on the KHSU Homepage. They are looking for input from you during the Play & Plan Day on Saturday, October 1 from 9-4:30.