Goodbye Vinny

Jun 27, 2018
Photo: Katie Whiteside

Friends and family of Gregg "Vinny" DeVaney were gathered around him as he reached the end of a journey with brain cancer June 26th, 2018.

KHSU aired a special program this Wednesday, June 27th, in the former Fogou time slot, honoring DeVaney and his unique, beloved radio show.

Hosted by Gus Mozart, the program featured archived pieces from Fogou through the last 20 years.

Everyone at KHSU is thankful to have spent time on the planet with Gregg. His friends and colleagues were all touched by his life, his love and his spirit.

He is a generous, beloved soul.  

Mike Dronkers/KHSU

The Sweetwater String Band, originally hailing from the eastern Sierras, stopped by Fogou to perform "cello-driven soulgrass" with guest host Pandemonium Jones. 

They perform tonight at Humbrews (tickets) at 9:00pm.
Bryan Costales, licensed CC BY-SA 3.0

Blackburn & Snow was a Bay Area-based musical duo featuring KHSU's Halimah the Dreamah. The band was at ground zero of San Francisco's musical counterculture during the legendary Summer of Love.

Halimah talks to Bob Doran about the Summer of Love, performing at the Magic Mountain Music Festival, and some of her musical experiences.

Deep history and playful innovation.

Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord knows how to turn the lost past into intense and beautiful performances that push their roots in striking global directions. The group is blazing a path that connects their Québecois roots to the wider world, in both arrangements and on stage.

The band visited the KHSU studios during Fogou to talk with Vinny DeVaney and Bob Doran.

Le Vent du Nord performs at Arcata Playhouse: March 15, 8pm