Are guns in schools a good idea?

A teacher, a school superintendent, a school resource officer, and a retired FBI agent talked with host Eric Kirk about keeping students safe. 

Thursday Night Talk: March for Our Lives

Mar 19, 2018

The March for Our Lives movement is created, inspired and led by students who refuse to risk their lives while waiting for  adults to take action to stop the epidemic of mass shootings in schools.

Mike Dronkers/KHSU

Arcata High School students took part in a nationwide student walkout in protest of gun violence. 

Despite experiencing backlash on social media for their advocacy, Humboldt County students join national efforts to create national, state and local change to the ways that guns are purchased.

Arcata High students, Ella Bauer and Mira O’Barr and NPA student, Amelia Parker are planning a school walkout on March 14 and the “March for Our Lives”  which is taking place on March 24 in Washington DC, and in towns around the country including Arcata.