On the Friday, November 2nd episode of the KHSU Magazine, Michael Roccaforte sits down with the Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commisioner, Cassandra Hesseltine. They talked about the Netflix original film, Birdbox, starring Sandra Bullock which was filmed in the Jedidiah Smith State Park and along the Smith River. She discussed the process of bringing film crews to the North Coast, what working with the crew from Netflix was like, and the affect of the film industry on our community and local economy.  

Like many of us, Cassandra Hesseltine was bewitched as a child by the magic she saw on the silver screen. Like fewer of us, Hesseltine has been spending her adult years working numerous jobs within the film industry. She currently heads the nonprofit Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission, serving as a sherpa and concierge to producers and directors who need a little North Coast magic to tell their stories.

In this Through The Eyes of Women episode, Hesseltine talks about the realities of her fantastical job, and what a film commission does for a community.

Katie Whiteside

Local media maker Eileen McGee stopped by the KHSU studio to talk about Local Filmmakers Night and some of her documentaries. McGee's films will be shown on Wednesday, February 1  at the Eureka High School Lecture Hall beginning at 7 p.m.