Why Is The North Coast So Seismically Active?

Sep 1, 2021
Bon Traveler

If you’ve lived in the North Coast region for very long, you’re probably aware that you live in earthquake country. But have you ever wondered why this area is so seismically active? In this news report, the Host of Blue Dot, Dave Schlom has more on seismic activity in the region. 

Looking Back: Cattle

Aug 9, 2018
humboldt made

Tom Cairns highlights some local Northwest history.

This segment focuses on initial livestock herding in the region and the impacts upon Native communities and the landscape.

Sound Ecology: Ospreys

Mar 19, 2018
Ken Lee / National Wildlife Federation

Ospreys are the world’s most widespread raptor, found near water everywhere except Antarctica.

Naturalist Ken Burton shares a bit about the life history of this special bird.

Jennifer Kalt / Humboldt Baykeeper

On January 4, the Trump Administration announced its plan to open nearly all federal waters to offshore oil exploration and drilling. It would be the largest ever proposed, with 47 leases, including 6 off the California coast. In the current draft, Northern and Central CA lease sales are scheduled for 2021 and 2023.

Jennifer Savage of Surfrider Foundation joins us to discuss resistance to this outrageous plan at the local, state, and national  levels.

Tune in to learn how you can take action to protect our coast! See below for links and info. 

Here's A Story: Michael M

Oct 26, 2017

Identity, sense of place and community. Michael M. shares some of his story.