A New Hope for an Ancestral River

Feb 7, 2019
Rob Badger / Friends of the Eel River

“Many people know that the river’s name is the Eel River right now, but the original name is Wiyot, that’s what we originated our name from and that is our ancestral river.” Ted Hernandez, Tribal Chair and Cultural Director for the Wiyot Tribe.

Friends of the Eel River

“The key piece of this whole scheme, is that you get out from under the requirement to provide fish passage over Scott dam”

Tom Wheeler, Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Information Center, hosts a discussion with Friends of the Eel River Conservation Director Scott Greacen about Humboldt County’s position on the Eel River dams and concerns about transparency in local government. 

Mike Wilson On the Importance of Local Elections

Jun 4, 2018

Humboldt County District 3 Supervisor, Mike Wilson talks about why voting in local elections matters as well as some of the projects on the horizon for the Board of Supervisors. District 3 includes Arcata, Blue Lake, Manila, Freshwater and Kneeland. 

Scott Dam
Rob Badger / Friends of the Eel River

Tune in for a discussion of the fate of the Eel River dams that highlights more questions than answers.

Pacific Gas and Electric made headlines last week when they announced, during the Eel Russian River Commission (ERRC) meeting, their intention to sell or surrender the Eel River dams. The Commission then began a discussion of how to expand their charter to meet the requirements of obtaining and running the Eel River dams, without admitting any intention to actually acquire the dams. They told the public they have a plan, but won't tell us what it is for.

Friends of the Eel River Executive Director Stephanie Tidwell and Conservation Director Scott Greacen question what is really going on, and why Humboldt County representatives like Estelle Fennell appear to be acting against the public's best interest.

Get Involved in Eel River Dam Removal

Jul 20, 2017

"More recent research has shown that there were evolutionary events millions of years ago that caused this divergence. They were random events and they're not, as you might imagine, likely to happen again in any reasonable time scale. Once those fish are gone, their genotype is gone". Samatha Kannry talks about pre-mature migrating fish like spring chinook and summer steelhead, how their genetic variance evolved, and why they are more vulnerable to human induced changes to habitat than their later-run cousins.

Now is your chance to get involved in Eel River dam removal. Join host Alicia Hamann, Administrative Director for Friends of the Eel River and guests Scott Greacen, and Samatha Kannry, to learn about the Eel River dams' impact to native fish. Click here to submit comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by August 4.