It's Recall Election Day In California. Here's How To Vote.

Sep 14, 2021
Rich Pedroncelli / AP Photo

It's election day in California. You have until 8 p.m. to cast your vote to either recall Gov. Gavin Newsom and remove him from office, or let him finish out the remainder of his term.

If you haven't voted, or even haven't registered, there is still time. Here's how to participate today and get up to speed on the recall.

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You’ve seen the posts on Twitter and Facebook, or maybe someone forwarded a WhatsApp message about suspicious activity with California’s recall ballots.

Unfounded rumors about election security have always been around, but they’ve been rampant since the 2020 election and former President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” movement. Despite those allegations, the 2020 elections were found to be “the most secure in American history,” according to a statement from a coalition of government and election industry officials. 

California's Recall Process Is Constitutional, Federal Judge Rules

Aug 29, 2021
Rich Pedroncelli / AP Photo

A federal judge affirmed in a ruling Friday that California’s recall process is constitutional, weeks before voting in a recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom is scheduled to end. 

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California’s Fair Political Practices Commission rejected a complaint filed Thursday by the state Republican Party, which alleged Gov. Gavin Newsom failed to disclose details surrounding his $3.7 million Fair Oaks estate in annual reports.

The FPPC investigated a similar complaint earlier this year and cleared Newsom of wrongdoing.