Point of Focus: Part I-The Fight For a Sanctuary County

Mar 5, 2018

The uncertainty with DACA--which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals--is felt hard within the Humboldt immigrant community, and it's not just students feeling stuck. 

Jessica Eden

Tireless advocate for the well being of the Latinx community, Renee Saucedo joins the Charlando crew to discuss some of her inspirations and perspectives through challenging political times.

Interview with Renee:

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Natalya Estrada

The issue is complex, according to Centro del Pueblo’s Renee Saucedo. She's an immigration activist advocating for a county wide Sanctuary status for the region.

Centro del Pueblo

"How do our children get treated fairly in the schools, how do they not get suspended and expelled at disproportionate rates,  how are our families incorporated into our educational system ... I think that those are some of the challenges we face as a county as a region," says Renee Saucedo of Centro del Pueblo.