Thursday Night Talk: Humanitarian Support

Dec 15, 2016
Anne Braak-Katz

Brenda Starr discussed refugee support with Anne Braak-Katz, who shared her experiences visiting Syrian refugee camps in Greece, along with Andy Sehic, a Bosnian Muslim genocide survivor from the war in Bosnia/Herzegovina. They discussed humanitarian support, emphasizing peace and community.

Thursday Night Talk: At Standing Rock

Dec 7, 2016
Konrad Fisher

As the Dakota Access Pipeline conflict continues to heat up in the cold of pending winter Eric Kirk discusses the issues of petroleum, water safety, indigenous rights and sovereignty, and the very right to protest. Eric's guests include Konrad Fisher of Klamath Riverkeeper who has just returned from Standing Rock. Tune in and call in December 8 beginning at 7:00.

Thursday Night Talk: Quinoa on the Menu

Nov 30, 2016
Youtube screenshot via Humfoodgirl


"We started messing around with quinoa, just in a small way, a number of years ago," local farmer Blake Richard says.

"We were dry farming it - not watering it - and that's the way we still grow it." Humboldt has the ideal climate for domestic quinoa production, What opportunities does this grain provide for local farmers? Yana Valachovic explores Humboldt’s production of quinoa. 

Thursday Night Talk: The After-Vote of a Nation

Nov 10, 2016

Where do we go from here? Host Brenda Starr welcomed fellow co-host Eric Kirk to Thursday Night Talk  to dissect Tuesday's election.

Thursday Night Talk: Know Your Ballot

Oct 31, 2016

Take a deep dive into your ballot with a lawyer, a professor, and the KHSU audience.   Eric Kirk and Professor Josh Meisel discuss the last lap of this very unusual election campaign season, with emphasis on the down-ticket races, ballot initiatives, and local elections, as well as any election-related topics of callers' choice. 

What motivates political protest? One researcher attended the RNC and another attended the DNC. On the next Thursday Night Talk, they swap notes, share their findings, and take your questions. 

Brenda Starr is joined by Dr. Amber Gaffney and two students who surveyed demonstrators at both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions this summer. Populism, Collective Action, Identity Politics and more starting at 7 September 22. Your calls are welcome., adaptation from original work of Craig Froehle

Is Humboldt County ready to embrace its changing demographic? Is Humboldt County a place of cultural and racial equity? 

Join host Lorna Bryant as she and her guests Dwayne Marsh (Center for Social Inclusion’s Government Alliance on Race and Equity); Darren Arquero (UC Berkeley and Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society); and Humboldt State University student Malcolm Chanaiwa discuss 'creating a place where we all belong'."

In addition to a wide-ranging discussion about diversity on the north coast, Chanaiwa discussed the local reaction to the 'Sit With Kaepernick' protest, which he helped organize. 

   What's it like to be a homeless mother in Humboldt County?

Next on Thursday Night Talk, Linda Stansberry talks to the people most affected by a county-wide shortage of affordable housing: single mothers.

Tune in and call in September 8 beginning at 7.

  What does it mean to be politically progressive? Organizers of the newly formed North Coast Peoples Alliance, which arose out of the local Bernie Sanders campaign, discuss their vision for Humboldt County and beyond on Thursday Night Talk on KHSU with Eric V. Kirk.  

Thursday Night Talk: Animal Talk

Aug 22, 2016
Photo: David Hale Smith (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Is it true that there are no bad pets, only bad pet owners? Linda Stansberry interviews a panel of animal experts about dog etiquette, feral cat colonies, euthanasia rates, the lack of pet-friendly lodging and how many pets are too many. 


  Who says sports, race and politics don't mix well? 

On the next Thursday Night Talk, Doc Stull and Brenda Starr examine sports, as seen through the lens of race, politics and protests throughout our history.

Doc and Starr will discuss the long history of mingling social justice and society in sports... from Jesse Owens to Jackie Robinson to Jim Brown to Muhammad Ali - from John Carlos and Tommie Smith's Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics to current NBA players speaking out at the recent ESPYS. 

Three Black men navigating the world here in Humboldt:

  • A police officer.
  • A cultural anthropologist and journalist.
  • A millennial from South L.A.

 Arcata resident Mikey Mathews, HSU professor Kirby Moss and Sgt. John Packer of the University Police Department joined Lorna Bryant to discuss being Black men in Humboldt.

Thursday Night Talk  held a town hall-style program last night. The focus was on local reactions to the recent shootings of People of Color and Law Enforcement and why it matters here.  All surrounding issues were on the table. 


 Joining host Lorna Bryant were:

John Locher/AP, courtesy NPR

Nearly 100 years after the 19th Amendment gave U.S. Women the right to vote, Hillary Clinton has made history and now hopes to become President. 

Join host Brenda Starr on the next Thursday Night Talk where she and special guests will discuss the questions: "what took so long?" and discuss "how does this take women, the USA and the world forward?"  We'd like to hear your thoughts. Tune in and call in June 16 beginning at 7 pm.

What Exactly Is Humboldt County Teen Court?

Jun 6, 2016

What's it like to be a teenager in Humboldt County? 

Many struggle with drugs and violence and become caught up in the court system. In order to redirect their lives, some are referred to a court of their peers: Teen Court

Next on Thursday Night Talk, we meet some of the people involved in this restorative justice program.

And we'd like to hear your thoughts, too. Tune in and call in June 9 beginning at 7.  

Everyone has the right to safe, legal shelter with dignity and respect... a guiding principal of the organization, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives:  

Tonight, join guest host Lorna Bryant as she explores the music and arts scene in Humboldt County, curated by millennials - Alex Nordquist of @The Breakfast All Day Collective, Ben Funke and Matt Goldberg of the Constellation Music Series, and local singers Lorenza Faye Phillips and Cherish Robinson (Venus Milk).

Photo University of California Agriculture

On the May 12th Thursday Night Talk, explore the burgeoning bio-energy market with our newest host, Yana Valachovic from the University of California Extension. Yana’s guests will follow the movement of wood from the forest, to the generation of electricity --

May 5 on Thursday Night Talk, True North presents its work with the Klamath Coalition for Justice regarding a logging controversy relating to Karuk lands. 

A new bill may change the legal age for buying tobacco in California from 18 to 21.

Is this good health policy or nanny state nonsense?

Next on Thursday Night Talk, host Linda Stansberry talks with young people directly affected by the potential change. Tune in and call in March 24th beginning at 7.