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Monkeys, Barns, and Guys who Stand Too Close: Singer/Songwriter Josephine Johnson


  Humboldt County’s all-American, singing, songwriting, ukelele goddess Josephine Johnson has just a minute to talk before she has to hit the road again.
Fresh off her latest West Coast tour, Johnson comes to TTEOW bearing soulful, lyric-driven songs from her recent CD “Let It All Out,” and stories from the road, the ups, downs, and WTF’s of life as a single, female musician traveling alone.
Johnson is currently Artist in Residence at Westhaven Center for the Arts, where she is composing a series of songs inspired by historic Humboldt County barns. Yes, barns. Ping-ponging up and down the coast, Johnson is also in Los Angeles, participating in an invitation-only workshop where she will be challenged to write and produce songs on various assigned topics.