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Portland Shootings Increase Despite Stay At Home Order

3 hours ago

The Portland Police Bureau reported Thursday that shootings in the city have increased during the first week of April, despite the COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings and movement.

The bureau’s gun violence reduction team says Portland averages one shooting a day, but since March 31 — a span of nine days — there were 17 shootings.

Speaking at a press availability on April 3, PPB Chief Jami Resch said the bureau also has seen an increase in domestic violence calls and speeding citations.

The European Union's finance ministers have reached a deal on a 540 billion-euro rescue plan (about $590 billion) to support the continent's coronavirus-stricken economies.

The Eurogroup, which consists of the 19 finance ministers representing the EU's eurozone countries, approved the rescue package on Thursday after the Netherlands backtracked on its demand for economic reform and oversight.

After weeks of searching, Clark County has found 116 hotel rooms for unhoused people who come into contact with the novel coronavirus.

The rooms will be used to isolate people experiencing homelessness who have tested positive for COVID-19, as well as to quarantine others who may have been exposed.

Dr. Mitchell Katz, head of New York City’s public hospitals, updates Marisa and Scott on the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, the health system’s greatest need, and what is necessary to restart the economy. He also discusses how his siblings’ developmental disabilities influenced his career and his time spent as the leading health official in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

On this broadcast of The National Conversation, we'll answer your questions on the latest unemployment numbers, efforts to flatten the curve and the number of COVID-19 cases.

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