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North Coast Conversations

North Coast Conversations is a weekly segment where we meet with local community members developing ways to improve the quality of life on the north coast.

  • Thank you for listening to North Coast Conversations on KHSU! I’m proud to announce that NCC is now in a new, longer time slot so that the people we interview have more time to talk about the incredible work that they do! This is the first episode that utilizes our longer format.This week, we are revisiting the Homeless in Humboldt documentary crew as they prepare to release the second episode in their series. Homeless in Humboldt has been filming and interviewing local homeless citizens for nearly two years now, and in that time they have shed more light on situations that so many of our houseless neighbors endure on a daily basis, and how the pandemic has exacerbated those problems.The first episode of Homeless in Humboldt focused on an individual named JP and his struggles to find stability in a pandemic world, and can be watched on Youtube here.I met with the 4 person crew consisting of Cal Poly Humboldt students and graduates Valentina Dimas, Skylar Gaven, Gabe Kim, and Rachel Marty via zoom as they were finishing editing the second installment of their series. In this episode, JP has found stable housing after nearly 3 years of living on the streets of Eureka. Part 2 of JP’s story premiered at the Minor Theater May 11th and can now be viewed here.To learn more about the series, please visit their website at and consider donating to their GoFundMe which will support both the documentary crew and the people that they interview. While this episode concludes the JP arc, the homeless in Humboldt crew is far from finished. Episode 3 will feature a new couple’ story and will be premiering later this summer.Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more episodes of North Coast Conversations as we explore more of what the North Coast has to offer.
  • NCC meets with Nezzie Wade of Humboldt County Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, also known as AHHA.
  • This week, NCC meets with Chant’e Catt, of the Humboldt Tenant Landlord Collaboration.
  • We met with Debbe Hartridge of the League of Women Voters of Humboldt County this week. Since its inception over 100 years ago, the League has helped millions of people of all genders become informed participants in government through activism, education, and outreach.
  • This week, we meet with Carrie Tully and Karlie Rojas from Cal Poly Humboldt’s Rou Dalagurr Food Sovereignty lab.
  • This week we are meeting with Kyle Morgan, who leads the Cal Poly Humboldt Press for the University library.
  • This week, North Coast Conversations is meeting with Dr. Allison O’Dowd, a professor in the department of environmental science and management at Cal Poly Humboldt and co-director of the Cal Poly Humboldt River Institute.
  • This week, we are meeting with Julie Andre of North Coast Homeshare. North Coast Homeshare is working to meet community housing needs by pairing elderly people who may have a spare bedroom or two with people looking for a bedroom and are willing to assist the homeowner with various predetermined needs with the possibility of discounted prices or free rent.
  • This week, we are meeting with Dr. Ann Lindsay, President of the nonprofit Life Care Humboldt.
  • This week, we meet with John Gullam, Director of Donor Resources for the Northern California Community Blood Bank.