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The KHSU Endowment

A Fund for the Perpetual Benefit of KHSU
The KHSU Endowment is a permanent fund invested for the long-term benefit of KHSU. Each year a portion of the income generated from this fund becomes available to support the station’s programming, equipment and operational needs. The body of the KHSU Endowment continues to be invested and remains a permanent asset of the station. As the value of the KHSU Endowment grows over time, so will the annual income available to the station. 
Endowment gifts of any amount can be added into KHSU’s existing Endowment Fund.  Alternately, you can create a new named endowment in honor of yourself, a family member or to support a particular KHSU activity (i.e. “The John and Jane Doe Endowment for Local News Reporting”). A major gift is required to establish a new endowment fund. The current minimum is $25,000. 

An endowment gift will provide long-term perpetual benefit to KHSU. We encourage you to designate your planned gift as a contribution into a KHSU Endowment Fund.

The KHSU Endowment is professionally managed by the Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation.