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Talk Humboldt

What exactly do people in Humboldt do for a living, and why? Listen to Talk Humboldt with Keith and Tom, where Keith Flamer of College of the Redwoods and Tom Jackson of Cal Poly Humboldt talk to the people that make Humboldt work.

  • In today's episode of Talk Humboldt, McCavour invites Tom Jackson and Keith Flamer into the world of T.H.P.O.s.
  • Being "elbow deep in chocolate" is all in a day's work at Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate in Eureka. "Sometimes we have the I Love Lucy thing where the chocolate bars are rolling off the conveyor belt and you gotta take care of them before the pile builds on the floor," says Adam Dick, who co-founded the company with his friend Dustin Taylor. The two carpenters had been playing in a band and building houses together when a friend sent them a video about making chocolate from scratch. The company now ships its products across the world.
  • On this episode of Talk Humboldt, Natalynne Delapp of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance, tells hosts Keith Flamer and Tom Jackson about her environmental background, how many cannabis farms are in operation today, and the landscape she occupies in her role as HCGA's executive director.
  • Amy Bohner of Alchemy Distillery in Arcata sat down with hosts Keith Flamer and Tom Jackson to talk about bourbon rules, the unmatchable perks of wild yeast, and if whiskey can be too old.
  • In this episode of Talk Humboldt with Keith and Tom, Dr. Taylor explains the ups and downs of the healthcare landscape that he and other local dentists have found themselves in.
  • Energy innovator, Tribal administrator, chiropractor, casino manager, de-facto mayor.... unpacking Jason Ramos' many jobs is no easy feat.
  • Rosa Dixon had just co-founded a bakery in Arcata. The bakery was a byproduct of her family's food allergies because "we just weren't able to eat anything that tasted good." But when a one-line email said "Are you interested in selling to Whole Foods?" she was skeptical. A decade later, the bakery's gluten-free products are in over 3000 stores nationwide, and, as Dixon will tell you, it took a village. In this episode of Talk Humboldt, Keith, and Tom talk get the origin story of Natural Decadence bakery.
  • In this week's Talk Humboldt, Cody Roggatz spoke with Keith Flamer and Tom Jackson about what he's got in the works for ACV, the airport's historical relationship.
  • In this episode of Talk Humboldt, Councilwoman Alex Stillman shares her historical perspective and her optimism for what's in the works.