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Dr. Keith Flamer

Talk Humboldt Host

Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer has been President of the College of the Redwoods since 2015. Dr. Snow-Flamer holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

  • In this episode of Talk Humboldt with Keith and Tom, Dr. Taylor explains the ups and downs of the healthcare landscape that he and other local dentists have found themselves in.
  • Energy innovator, Tribal administrator, chiropractor, casino manager, de-facto mayor.... unpacking Jason Ramos' many jobs is no easy feat.
  • Rosa Dixon had just co-founded a bakery in Arcata. The bakery was a byproduct of her family's food allergies because "we just weren't able to eat anything that tasted good." But when a one-line email said "Are you interested in selling to Whole Foods?" she was skeptical. A decade later, the bakery's gluten-free products are in over 3000 stores nationwide, and, as Dixon will tell you, it took a village. In this episode of Talk Humboldt, Keith, and Tom talk get the origin story of Natural Decadence bakery.
  • In this episode of Talk Humboldt, Councilwoman Alex Stillman shares her historical perspective and her optimism for what's in the works.
  • In this episode of Talk Humboldt, Marshall offers hosts Keith Flamer and Tom Jackson a thumbnail sketch of what RCEA is, and how it works to reduce electric usage in Humboldt County.
  • In this second installment, Alexandre tells Dr. Jackson and Dr. Flamer about sequestering kilotons of carbon, how healthy soil affects his irrigation needs, and the joy of watching eagles steal his chickens.
  • In this episode, Dr. Keith Flamer and Dr. Tom Jackson talk to Alexandre about his journey from a one-room schoolhouse to studying dairy science in college, what it takes to convert a farm to organic, and why it matters.
  • Today on Talk Humboldt, Dr. Tom Jackson and Dr. Keith Flamer talk to Wiyot Tribal Chair Ted Hernandez while they tour the new Wiyot Cultural Center in Eureka, California.
  • Today on Talk Humboldt, Dr. Tom Jackson and Dr. Keith Flamer talk with outgoing Eureka mayor Susan Seaman about her time in office, her accomplishments and what is yet to be accomplished.