Newsom Laments Lack of Vaccine Supply as Number of Administered Doses Hits 7.4 Million

12 hours ago

On a visit to Long Beach Monday morning, Gov. Gavin Newsom said the only thing holding back the state’s COVID-19 vaccination plan is the limited capacity of manufacturers.

“There’s not enough doses. There’s not enough vaccines to accommodate the need and demand,” Newsom said during a press briefing at a mass vaccination site at the Long Beach Convention Center.

“Manufacturing supply in the United States of America is limited,” Newsom said. “While it’s good that we are administering roughly 200,000 doses a day, we’re receiving just shy of that if you average the amount of doses we receive on a weekly basis.”

The latest numbers from the state show more than 7.4 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been administered in California. For both of those vaccines, two doses are required per person.

This week, the state begins its process of transitioning to a new system of delivering, tracking and scheduling coronavirus vaccines in select counties, a first step in Newsom’s plan to smooth out what has been a confusing and disjointed rollout hampered by limited national supply.

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