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L.A. County Health Director Seeing ‘Terrifying Increases’ in COVID-19 Cases

California reported more than 20,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday. In Los Angeles County, public health director Barbara Ferrer pleaded with people to wear masks when out of the house.

Outspoken Critic of Masks, Sacramento Sheriff Now Sick with COVID-19

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has tested positive for COVID-19. He  has been vocal about his refusal to enforce public health mandates, including mask requirements.Reporter: Scott Rodd, CapRadio

Severe Fire Weather Sparks Orange County Blaze

A red flag warning went into effect for most of Southern California last night as 70-80mph Santa Ana winds whipped through the region. The Bond Fire broke out in Orange County around 10pm and has burned thousands of acres. Reporter: Caleigh Wells, KCRW

Politicians Hypocritical Dining Habits Can Undermine Public Trust in Health Orders

High profile California politicians, including the Governor and San Francisco Mayor, have been called out recently for defying their own health advice by dining out in groups. Behavior like this can undermine public trust in coronavirus guidelines. Guest: Kimberly Elsbach, Professor of Management, UC Davis

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