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Silcon Valley’s Khanna to Vote Yes on Stimulus Deal

Silicon Valley congressman Ro Khanna says he’ll be voting yes on the new stimulus deal agreed to by Democrats and Republicans, though he says the aid isn’t nearly enough.

Although he approves of extending unemployment insurance and expansion of SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, the additional $600 in stimulus that people who earn up to $75,000 are entitled to under the deal won’t be enough for struggling Bay Area families, he said.

“It’s not going to pay the rent, certainly in my district,” he said. “Six hundred dollars probably won’t even pay a week or two weeks rent for many working families.”

He also said Democrats should have accepted a $1.8 trillion package offered by the White House months ago.

“This is why people think that the system isn’t working for them,” he said. “So I vote yes on this bill, but I don’t do so with pride. I do so with the recognition that Congress hasn’t delivered for people and we need to continue to fight harder.”

Khanna says Democrats will need to be aggressive and strategic to get a bigger package approved early next year.

—Kate Wolffe

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