After Losing Home In Wildfire, High School Runner Gets 2nd Chance At State Championship

The Camp Fire virtually wiped out the town of Paradise, California , killing at least 48 people. It continues to burn, and peoples lives have been disrupted in ways large and small. Gabe Price, a promising cross-country runner from Paradise High School, almost missed out on qualifying for the state championships because his family lost their home and business in the fire. The fire took just about everything we had, but at the same time, it didnt take our family, Price tells Here & Now s Robin...

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Hank Sims

Margo Robbins is the Indian Education Director for the Klamath-Trinity School District.  KHSU had a chance to sit down with Margo to discuss her role in helping to provide a well-rounded and culturally appropriate educational experience.

From trainings for administrators and revamping curriculum to field trips for the youth, Margo and her team work to ensure the best possible future for the students.

District 2 Assemblymember Jim Wood spoke to NPR News this morning about his work as a forensic dentist and helping identify victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. As of this morning, 63 people have been confirmed dead and 600 are still listed as missing as a result of the Camp Fire.

Death Toll Rises in Camp Fire And More Reported Missing

Nov 16, 2018
Cal Fire-Butte County

Cal Fire and Butte County officials updated the community on Thursday night. They stated more than 600 people are now reported missing in Butte County. Additionally, seven more bodies were found. In total, 63 people are dead. This number could change as new information comes out from the Butte County Sheriff's Office. 

Election Roundup

Nov 15, 2018

Tune in for a discussion/celebration of last week's results of local, state, and national elections - and the positive changes they will bring - with a focus on environmental issues. Progressives won big on the local level, particularly in Eureka, where voters had stark choices between candidates. My guest is Tom Wheeler, Eureka resident and Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC).  

What do last week's election results tell us about the country and Humboldt County? Join host Tom Wheeler and guests on the November 15th Thursday Night Talk as they sort through election results to see what they may mean. Thursday Night Talk airs every Thursday at 7, right here on KHSU.  

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Monday, November 12, 2018 

Listen to KHSU’s Artwaves’ Nov. 13 program for Wendy Butler’s interview with Doc Stull, who will deliver stories and poetry about his international travels in a “Latin-jazz infused” show called “The Nicaraguan, Bolivian and Cuban Diaries.” His performance backed by the RLA Trio is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Westhaven Center for the Arts. This is Stull’s first theatrical performance in several years. Also on the Nov. 13 Artwaves program is Joan Schirle. She discusses “Bird of the Inner Eye,” the title of a notable Morris Graves painting as well as Schirle's reading-performance. The event will take place on three nights in three different locations: Thursday, Nov. 15 at Dell’Arte’s Carlo Theatre, Blue Lake; Saturday, Nov. 17 at Eureka’s Black Faun Gallery; and Sunday, Nov. 25 at the Arcata Playhouse. All showtimes are at 7 p.m. Schirle’s material from which she will read includes Graves’ letters as well as interviews with some of Graves’ contemporaries. This unusual presentation also includes Dell’Arte International Company members, local actors and DAI faculty member Laura Muñoz, who created dance improvisations for it. 

The Camp Fire virtually wiped out the town of Paradise, California, killing at least 48 people.

It continues to burn, and people’s lives have been disrupted in ways large and small.

Gabe Price, a promising cross-country runner from Paradise High School, almost missed out on qualifying for the state championships because his family lost their home and business in the fire.

McKinley Statue Voted Out By Arcata Residents

Nov 14, 2018
Natalya Estrada

It’s been roughly a week since the election and after an intense campaign, a majority of Arcata residents voted to remove the McKinley statue. It was a move supported by most of the Arcata City Council, including Arcata City councilman Paul Pitino. 

“If there’s any take away from this, I think it shows that the council is reflective of the community," Pitino said. "In 1906 (the statue) comes up and it was like 'ok that was a vision'. This was the vision then. Here, it's a hundred years later; We have a different vision." 

More Fatalities Reported in Camp Fire

Nov 14, 2018
Cal Fire

**UPDATE:   Cal Fire has reported more fatalities due to the Camp Fire. Officials have confirmed 56 people are dead. The additional deaths were found in the town of Paradise. Close to 300 people are now reported missing. 

Cal Fire also released this video on Governor Jerry Brown's visit to Butte County.

Cal Fire held a press conference on Tuesday night to discuss recent updates on the Camp Fire in Butte County. They’ve reported that the fire has burned 130,000 acres and is 35 percent contained. So far 8,817 structures have been destroyed with 7,600 being residential homes.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office reports that close to 52,000 people have evacuated and about 1,385 people are in shelters. Hundreds of people are also reported missing or unaccounted for. On Tuesday, more fatalities were reported by Police Sergeant Darren Wyatt who updated the community. 


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