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Artwaves: Dell'Arte Puts Alice In Northern California

"Alice is an 11 year-old girl who has recently moved to NorCal from a city," says Dell'Arte's Jenny Lamb. "And that's her adventure through the rabbit hole -  just meeting all these crazy Humboldt County-ish stereotypes."

Cast members from Dell'Arte's latest production talk to Wendy Butler about their northern Californian twist on Alice in Wonderland. 

Via Dell'Arte:

A nimble new piece from the Dell’Arte Company featuring original music and athletic acting, this isn’t your everyday Alice! Uprooted by family transition and trying to find her footing in a new town, Alice is having trouble adjusting to NorCal life. Tethered to her phone, attempting to stay connected to her old town, Alice is thrown headlong into a Wonderland adventure like you’ve never seen, filled with familiar faces and surprising twists! ALICE IN WONDERLAND is directed by Dell’Arte’s Producing Artistic Director Michael Fields, and includes original music created and performed by this year’s international cast. Featured are: from Denmark, Anne Kjær Wæhrens; from Greece, Zafiria Dimitropoulou; from India, Tushar Mathew; from Korea, Jeesun Choi; from Sweden, Emilia Björk; from Zimbabwe, Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbi; and from the US, Grayson Bradshaw, Taylor Brewerton, Kevin Duvall, Becca Finney, Jenny Lamb, and Lucius Robinson.

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