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How to Practice Being Funny On The Spot

Mike Dronkers/KHSU

The Arcata Theater Lounge is empty but for a small circle of people yelling flower species at eachother. Someone says baby's breath. Another shouts, "that flower that gives Mario the ability to throw fireballs."  This is the On The Spot improv comedy troupe, practicing the skill of spontaneous comedy. 

Credit Mike Dronkers/KHSU
On The Spot comedy improv rehearsal.

Can anyone be funny? Is it hard work or is it inborn talent? "It's a combination of the two," says host Carly Sharman. "I have a botany degree. I did not think I was gonna be doing this." 

"We work really hard at it," adds founder James Schaeffer. And they do. The troupe changes a little bit from season to season, but he says that pretty much anyone can learn how to be funny. 

On The Spot's next performance is Saturday, January 19th from 7pm-9pm at the Arcata Theater Lounge.

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