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Through The Eyes of Women: What Dangers Exist For Children With Unlimited Access To Cellphones?

While still practicing law, Pamela Samuels Young began moonlighting as a mystery writer because of the absence of women and people of color depicted in the legal thrillers she so enjoyed reading. She is now author of multiple legal thrillers including Anybody’s Daughter, which won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Fiction. Her newest legal thriller Abuse of Discretion is a courtroom drama that tackles a troubling sexting case that gives readers an eyeopening look inside the juvenile justice system.

Fourteen-year-old straight-A high school student Graylin’s naive adolescent curiosity gets him embroiled in a sexting scandal that threatens to ruin his life.

The book drives home the importance of keeping tabs on your child’s time spent on computers and cell phones. Teen Sexting Facts:

  • 30% of teens have sent naked photos, 57% have been asked to send one.
  • In many states, a teen who sexts could be criminally charged with possession/distribution of child pornography.
  • Teens convicted of child pornography charges as a result of sexting could be required to register as sex offenders.

This is Pamela’s advice for parents: 

  • Talk openly with your kids about sexting.  Share online articles about kids who have face expulsion from school or criminal charges to they understand the consequences.
  • Model good behavior.  If you’re constantly posting sexy pictures online while telling your kids not to sext, you’re sending a mixed message.
  • Get social media savvy.  You may never be as proficient as your kids online, but never stop learning about the latest social media apps.  There are lots of free tutorials on YouTube.
  • Set ground rules for social media usage, including permissible and non-permissible apps and websites.  Be specific about what your kids should and should not be posting online.  for more information, visit

There’s a good reason that Pamela has been called a “John Grisham with a sister’s twist” but even more importantly her books reveal her passionate advocacy for creating a safer world for children.

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