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Protecting the California Coast

Jennifer Kalt
Humboldt Baykeeper

My guest is Jennifer Savage, California Policy Manager for Surfrider Foundation, an international organization that is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. The Humboldt Surfrider Chapter is one of 20 chapters in California, where coastal access, coastal development, bluff erosion, sea level rise, and the threat of offshore oil drilling are some of the top issues.

Read more about Surfrider’s efforts to protect our beloved coast below.

More on some of Surfrider's major campaigns:

·      Protecting Coastal Access for all at Martin’s Beach: When Sun Microsystems’ mogul Vinod Khosla bought this coastal community near Half Moon Bay in 2008, he decided to close the road to public access. Since then, Surfrider has battled Khosla in court, resulting in a major victory for all Calfiornians when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Khosla’s appeal last October. 

·      Offshore Oil Drilling: Californians thought that offshore oil drilling was defeated once and for all in the 1980s. In 2016, the Trump Administration announced plans to open the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf, and Arctic coasts to new oil and gas development, including seismic blasting that injures and kills marine mammals and other marine life. 

·       Surfrider Foundation’s Early Victory against Humboldt Pulp Mills: Surfrider’s first major victory in the early ‘90s was won fighting major polluters in Humboldt Bay near the popular North Jetty surf spot. Surfrider’s litigation resulted in one of the largest Clean Water Act settlements in the United States at that time, ending the toxic ocean discharge that had polluted ocean waters since the mid-1960s.

Links for more info:

ActCoastal Report Card: The annual California Coastal Commission Conservation Report Card focuses on high stakes coastal projects and concerns. See how your representative on the Coastal Commission ranks in terms of voting to protect the coast! Check back soon for the 2018 Report Card.

City of Arcata's King Tides Photo Initiative, Jan. 20-21: The highest King Tides of this winter will occur this Sun-Mon January 20 and 21, and the City of Arcata is looking for people to help photo document water levels during these tidal events to provide a visual record of tidal impacts from year to year.

City staff are especially interested in documenting 15 locations in Arcata, through the Arcata Marsh, and extending on the Bay Trail South.  These locations are identified by stakes.  Our King Tide Guide shows the locations, but all photo documentation at any location are welcome. Click HERE for more info.