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HSU President Responds to NAACP

Humboldt State University President Dr. Lisa Rossbacher has responded with astonishment to the Eureka NAACP's call for HSU to stop recruiting students of color until the school can assure them a supportive environment.

Part of Dr. Rossbacher's comments from the HSU press release:

"I was astonished that the Eureka NAACP chapter would suggest that HSU could or should stop recruiting students of color. HSU is deeply committed to diversity and equity, and that would be a giant step backward for the values and mission of this University. I know this group is committed to the ideals of the NAACP, and it must have been difficult for them to endorse this idea. It clarifies for me the depth of their concern.

I disagree with many of the statements in the letter, but I do agree with the larger point that HSU and the North Coast need to do more. Our country struggles with a history of racism and racial inequality on the national and local levels. We must find ways, and work together, to create a brighter future for all our students."

The HSU press release noted that HSU's stated values about dignity, equity, and equality align with the NAACP's stated commitment to a quality public education for students of color.