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COVID-19, Staffing Shortages Overwhelm St. Joseph Hospital

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Some hospital patients are leaving Humboldt County because St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka can’t treat them.


At a press conference last week, Humboldt County Health Officer Ian Hoffman explained, “The capacity is still there to take care of people in our county, the problem is those beds need staff. Many have retired due to the stress of this pandemic, so the pool of nurses are way down locally and nationally.” 

Redheaded Black Belt Reporter Ryan Hutson has reported on St. Joseph’s since before the pandemic. KHSU’s Eric Black spoke with Hutson to learn more. 


Read Ryan Hutson’s articles, “COVID Summer Surge (Mostly Among the Unvaccinated) Brings Humboldt to the Brink of Hospital Capacity as Staffing Crisis Worsens” and St. Joe’s ICU Full And New Covid Rooms Crafter As Equipment And Staff Shortages Make Situation Desperate, Other Hospitals Facing Similar Situations.