Jessica Eden

Producer, Content Director

Jessica Eden is a producer and photographer who loves public radio and the talented volunteers that make KHSU such a great community station. In addition to her work with KHSU, she has produced content for public media in Alaska, the Pacific Islands, and Australian public broadcasting. Jessica has worked as a field biologist in rural regions of Alaska, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Her time on the airwaves on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs, as the "seabird lady" and "fish guts lady", was the most memorable and enjoyable radio ever.  Jessica received her M.A. in Environment and Community studies, with a focus on Environmental Radio - exploring the confluence of people and place.


HSU President Lisa Rossbacher highlights one of Humboldt State's claims to fame: the healthy stand of "moon trees" on campus.

Naturalist Michael Kauffman celebrates the great variety and unique ecological adaptations of manzanitas in California.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks about the Cottage Food Bill and delicious baked goods with Josh Berger from JoshFox Bread.

Ken Burton talks about common murres nesting on cliffsides and rock outcroppings along the rugged Northcoast region.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks about distilling fine "grain to glass" local spirits with Fred Moore from Humboldt Craft Spirits. Humboldt Craft Spirits is located in Eureka, CA, and makes Blue Lake Vodka.


Terry Roelofs discusses coho salmon life history in our local streams.

Food For Thought

  Jennifer Bell discusses the joys and challenges of farming on a tiny scale with Caterina Lewis-Perry and Michael Kein from Fresh Roots Humboldt.


Save the Redwoods

Humboldt State Professor Terry Henkel discusses macro fungi (loosely called mushrooms) and their importance to soil and forest health.

Wendy Red Star

HSU lecturer, Michele McCall-Wallace, discusses HSU's Goudi'ni Native American Arts Gallery. The Goudi'ni Gallery features contemporary and traditional Native American Art. 

The Goudi’ni Gallery is situated on the ground floor of the Humboldt State University Behavioral & Social Sciences building located near Union St. and 17th St. in Arcata.

Biologist Jeff Jacobson talks about the wide variety of cetaceans - whales, dolphins and porpoises - along the northern California Coast.


  Humboldt State University President Lisa Rossbacher reflects on HSU's talented graduating class of 2016.

Food For Thought

 Jennifer Bell discusses growing organic artichokes and farming in Korbel, CA  with Ed Cohen of Earthly Edibles Farm.


The HSU Pledge is a new pledge which encourages students of all standing to get involved on our campus and in our commuity. With the success and excitement born from the Graduation Pledge, the question was, "why wait?" We have seen tremendous support and enthusiasm for the Graduation Pledge at commencement ceremonies since 1987, and we hope to channel that energy back into our campus community by making lasting connections. The HSU Pledge is a simple reminder that we, students, faculty, staff and alumni, have the power to build our campus into one that we are proud of.