Madeline Clement

Out of earshot of our bosses, over reheated rice and beans, the NPR Music interns have our own conversations about the music we love. And when it came time for year-end lists, we thought we ought to have a bigger say.

So today, at the end of our time here at NPR, we shove our Tupperware aside in the name of interns' choice: our favorite music that came up again and again during lunch conversations and after-work happy hours.

Continuing his 2018 trend of dropping singles whenever he pleases, Chance the Rapper has favored us with two more: "The Man Who Has Everything" and "My Own Thing (Feat. Joey Purp)."

The first is a sharp, thoughtful reflection on the question Chance's dad apparently asks every year: "What to get for my boy who has everything?" The wind-up box chorus replies, "Love me forever, that's all I ask of you."


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